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8HP Accessories

8HP Accessories

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HPR Ultimate TCA Transmission cooler adapterHPR Ultimate TCA Transmission cooler adapter
8HP B57 Ultraflex | Transmission mount8HP B57 Ultraflex | Transmission mount
8HP N57 - N63 Ultraflex | Transmission mount8HP N57 - N63 Ultraflex | Transmission mount
8HP N73/N74 Ultraflex | Transmission mount8HP N73/N74 Ultraflex | Transmission mount
8HP BMW 45/50/51 Ultraflex | Transmission mount8HP BMW 45/50/51 Ultraflex | Transmission mount
Dodge 8HP90 Ultraflex | Transmission mountDodge 8HP90 Ultraflex | Transmission mount
8HP oil pan8HP oil pan
8HP oil pan Sale price6.790,00 NOK
8HP90 oil pan8HP90 oil pan
8HP90 oil pan Sale priceFrom 6.990,00 NOK
8HP Thermostat Oil Pan8HP Thermostat Oil Pan
8HP Thermostat Oil Pan Sale price10.790,00 NOK
HPR 8HP output flangeHPR 8HP output flange
HPR 8HP output flange Sale price2.799,00 NOK
Nissan S and R chassis shifter plate 2.0Nissan S and R chassis shifter plate 2.0
Nissan S and R chassis shifter plate 2.0 Sale priceFrom 1.099,00 NOK
Toyota Shifter Plate 2.0Toyota Shifter Plate 2.0
Toyota Shifter Plate 2.0 Sale priceFrom 1.099,00 NOK
Toyota chassis shifter plateToyota chassis shifter plate
Toyota chassis shifter plate Sale price999,00 NOK
DCT-shifter Sale priceFrom 4.799,00 NOK
Used BMW can shiftersUsed BMW can shifters
Used BMW can shifters Sale priceFrom 990,00 NOK
Ascher Racing Shift paddles GTAscher Racing Shift paddles GT
Ascher Racing Shift paddles GT Sale priceFrom 1.679,00 NOK
8HP Breather-mod kit8HP Breather-mod kit
8HP Breather-mod kit Sale price329,00 NOK
HPR 8HP mechatronics cover/ Install board
HPR 8HP oil cooler adapterHPR 8HP oil cooler adapter
HPR 8HP oil cooler adapter Sale price1.199,00 NOK
DODGE 8HP Ultimate TCA Transmission cooler adapterDODGE 8HP Ultimate TCA Transmission cooler adapter
8HP front seal kit8HP front seal kit
8HP front seal kit Sale price349,00 NOK
Sold outECUmaster gear indicatorECUmaster gear indicator
ECUmaster gear indicator Sale price3.390,00 NOK
Improved Racing Thermostat kitImproved Racing Thermostat kit
Improved Racing Thermostat kit Sale priceFrom 2.000,00 NOK
HPR DBW Clutch/Gas pedal kitHPR DBW Clutch/Gas pedal kit
HPR DBW Clutch/Gas pedal kit Sale price1.299,00 NOK