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With the purchase of our Vehicle Specific kits you get: 20% off HPR billet oil pan kits & 20% off HPR/SETRAB oil cooler kits. Discount will show at checkout!!!

"Your trusted DCT/8HP conversion shop - By enthusiasts, for enthusiasts"


Explore our extensive selection of components for automatic transmission conversions. We're proud pioneers in this field, backed by extensive research and development, and we've engineered a proven solution that sets the industry standard for excellence. We provide fully customized 8HP and DCT packages, delivering power up to 1800HP/Nm, along with chassis kits tailored for a variety of JDM vehicles.

Discover a World of Options to Transform Your Car

Premium Accessories for DCT and 8HP transmissions

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Pioneered solutions by HPR

Dont pay extra for similar designs copied from us.
We develop and design innovative solutions with the best specs at the best price

"We dont follow, we lead"

Customer voices

The Proof of Our Quality

HPR's responsiveness and dedication to provide their customers with the products and service we require was nothing short of spectacular. It is very obvious when delaing with Helge/HPR that they care very much about their costumers and are extremley passionate about what they do.

- Mitch, USA

"I stumbled upon HPR Tuning online, and that marked the beginning of a remarkable journey. My interaction with Helge, a wonderful member of the HPR team, was truly insightful. Their products are not only exceptional but also backed by an invaluable depth of knowledge. They managed the seemingly impossible task of fitting a BMW gearbox into an R32GTR flawlessly, a feat that was considered implausible. HPR's engineering prowess is truly outstanding." - Gary from the United Kingdom"

- Gary, United Kingdom

"Outstanding communication, top-notch service, excellent products, and lightning-fast shipping. Keep up the fantastic work, folks!"

- Gabriele from Italy

"I'm delighted with our communication. While there was an initial hiccup with my oil adapter not matching my transmission, the HPR team quickly found a straightforward solution. They offered reasonable options, and I'm extremely satisfied with the resolution. I've now put 2,000km on my swap using the HPR oil cooler adapter and PCD cover plate, and I'm looking forward to future business with them.

-George, Hill Preformance Bimmers

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