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8HP N57 - N63 Ultraflex | Transmission mount

Sale price2.790,00 NOK
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HPR 8HP N57 - N63 ultraflex mount kit

The HPR ultraflex rear mounts have quickly become one of our best sellers.

Engineered with precision and innovation, our unique HPR design boasts flush mount bolt holes that provide additional clearance. The flat mount configuration ensures effortless customization of your transmission crossmember.

Included in this kit is the HPR exhaust speed sensor bracket, an invaluable addition at no extra cost. This bracket offers a convenient solution for integrating an external speed sensor and/or an exhaust hanger into your setup.

Benefit from the versatility of slotted holes, offering optimal adjustability for achieving the perfect drivetrain angle without the need for washers or custom-made spacers. We recommend using the Tremec angle finder app on your smartphone for a seamless setup of your drivetrain angle during the swap.

Crafted with precision, the mount plate is CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum and undergoes an anodization process for a superior finish and durable surface. The kit includes 60A rubber mounts, ensuring a robust and reliable connection. The mounts are designed to accommodate both OEM and aftermarket output flanges, providing versatility for various applications.



Included in the Rear Mount Kit:


- HPR Billet mount plate

- 60A rubber mounts

- Stainless steel Exhaust/Speed sensor bracket

- Laser printed torque specs for ease of installation

- Spacers and low-profile installation hardware (not pictured)


Elevate your Dodge 8HP90 engine swap with the HPR Ultraflex Rear Mount, where performance meets precision.


-All mounts now come in black color only.

-The N63 version comes with different hardware in order get the correct lenght offset needed. 






8HP N57 - N63 Ultraflex | Transmission mount
8HP N57 - N63 Ultraflex | Transmission mount Sale price2.790,00 NOK