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Improved Racing Thermostat kit

2.380,00 NOK

We recommend using this kit together with our oil cooler kit if you are a daily driver.

A thermostat helps getting your transmission up to optimal temp quickly, and keeps it there.

The only thermostat with a patented design that closes 100% when you need it to.

With a correct sized oil cooler kit, you with have full temperature control on your transmission.

The termostat opens up about 10c lower than most OEM thermostats, giving you better control of your transmission temps.

The typical stabilization temp is 74C (165F)

Activation temp is 71C (160F)

Full flow temp is 83C (181F)


Please add ptfe hose ends for a complete install with our oil cooler kits.

The device's unique, patented internal design (US patent 9,772,632) ensures a low pressure drop by placing the bypass valve mechanism completely out of the primary oil flow. This arrangement also allows for a compact design.High performance vehicles require large oil coolers to ensure that the oil does not overheat during strenuous use. These coolers also introduce the danger of over-cooling the oil and delaying engine warm-up, resulting in horsepower loss, excessive engine wear and reduced gas mileage. Oil thermostats perform the critical function of bypassing the oil cooler until the oil has reached its minimum operating temperature.

  • Improved Racing's Flow Series Motor Sport (FSM) oil thermostat is a universal solution that can be used with any oil cooler on any vehicle or industrial application flowing up to 20 GPM (75.71 LPM).
  • Accelerates fluid warmup time and maintains a minimum fluid temperature.
  • Patented high-flow design with no valves, springs, or other obstructions in the primary oil flow.
  • Features -10AN female O-ring boss ports. Optional adapter fittings available in various sizes.
  • Lifetime warranty. Made in the USA.



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