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Sale price4.799,00 NOK
Shifter Height:
Color/shift rod material:

Top quality CNC machined sequential shifters produced by Martin at MBWAC (DCT Shifter)

This is the best shifter money can get you, and the premium feel and looks of this shifter is simply amazing.

It features two heavy duty microswitches that can be wired to the GCU as two independent inputs or one common switch.

Tension of the selector is just in the sweet spot of nice sequential click feel and guarantee of no unintentional shifts.


Dont forget to check out the billet mount plate we have for this shifter!


  • Shifter 
  • Wiring harness


  • Long or short version (380mm vs 280mm total height)
  • Nautral/aluminium or Black/carbon 




Black Shift switch 1
Blue Shift switch 2
Brown 5v + or - (check what gcu require)





We try our best to keep all versions in stock at all times.
If not in stock, allow up to 2 weeks lead time.

DCT-shifter Sale price4.799,00 NOK