designed and engineered by hpr

HPR 8HP output flange

2.899,00 NOK

HPR 8HP output flange

This flange bolts directly to your 8HP output-shaft, and enables you to use the common and beefy 1350 u-joint flange, or the Supra mk4 auto bolt pattern.

No more stacking adapters with cast flanges.

Comes with a pilot to perfectly centre the propshaft for both applications.

Beware of other suppliers not offering this option.

Optional tone ring

We have added this as an option for customers that need an easy solution of getting an external speed input for a speedometer or external control system.

High tensile bolts, nord-lock washers, and seal for spline is included.


Compatible 1350 yokes

Sonnax T3-2-119A (Aluminum)

Dana_Spicer 2-2-1789 (steel) 

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