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RB26 Oil pan baffle kit

Sale price1.899,00 NOK

Stay safe and keep the oil where it belongs with the RB26 baffle kit from HPR.

The RB26 oil pan baffle kit is developed using full scale CFD with simulations of extreme G-forces found on track. The baffle runs the same height as the OEM baffles and has internal edges to trap the oil into the baffle.

The Z shaped top plate stops the oil from going away from the sump under hard acceleration, and forces it back to the sump where it should be.

The Improved Racing trap doors used in this kit are designed specifically for fluid baffling and are completely maintenance free. They feature a 60 degree stop position and have a lot less resistance to flow versus rubber doors. 

During comparison testing  we found that moving away from circular holes with rubber flaps greatly increased transfer speed of the oil to the pickup at critical low oil level situations.

The kit is made of stainless steel and features easy to remove semi cut sections for block brace users.

Comes with all needed hardware (A4 grade 80 stainless steel)

Minor trimming of front part of windage tray is needed. Printed instructions are included.

RB26 Oil pan baffle kit
RB26 Oil pan baffle kit Sale price1.899,00 NOK