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RB26 Extended camcover baffle kit OEM

Sale price1.490,00 NOK
Gasket kit:

HPR extended baffle plates for OEM covers

These extended plates fits inside the covers and creates a longer pathway for better oil/air separation. We have also incuded a Stainless steel mesh to increase oil separation before blowby exits the cover.


The kit fits olny the OEM RB26 covers.

In the box

  • 2X HPR extended baffle plates
  • 2x Stainless steel media for improved oil separation
  • Stainless steel bolt kit



There is two additional holes that are not used at the end of the baffle.
Slightly bend the end of the cover so presses agians the flange, and secure it with high temp RTV in addition to the original fastening points.

RB26 Extended camcover baffle kit OEM
RB26 Extended camcover baffle kit OEM Sale price1.490,00 NOK