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TCU Controller | Turbo Lamik | Transmission Control Unit

Sale price17.990,00 NOK
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TCU 2.0 TurboLamik is a high-class controller for ZF 8HP automatic gearboxes, thanks to which we are able to control the automatic gearbox in any car, allowing us to use the maximum potential of the engine and fast gear changes at the level of 50-150ms.
Thanks to the ability to configure driving modes, we are able to adapt the controller to any type of car:

Drag Racing
and other

The controller is sold with a configuration for a given car, so the customer does not have to map the gearbox, just perform road adaptation.
TCU 2.0 has error code diagnosis and protection, thanks to which it ensures the user's safety in the event of a drive system failure.

8 configurable driving modes
Gear change: manual, automatic, semi-automatic,
Shift characteristics range from gentle to sporty
Auto Adaptation
Auto diagnostics/error code memory
Transbrake launch procedure
Virtual clutch
Online software update
A1-A12 Analog Input,:

Freely configurable inputs can be used as CAN/ANALOG (stand allone ECU extensions).

Analog output 1-4 analog outputs analog output, e.g. gear, brake, clutch signals.

AUX 1-8 outputs 0.5a low side

AUX 9-10 output 5A low side speed signal

AUX 11-12 output 3A higt side

AUX outputs support:

-idling signal

-reverse lamp signal

- ignition on signal

- speed output

-gearbox radiator fan control

-trnasbrake output signal

-front wheel lock valve

11 Outputs for controlling gearbox valves.

CAN communication: 2 x 125, 250, 500, 1MBps

Supported CAN:

1 – Ecumaster Data Stream
2 – Megasquirt CAN Realtime Data Broadcasting
3 – AEM
4 – Motec M1 “Read custom ECU ID; 1600"
5 – Custom Can Send only
6 – TCU Standard 1 Can (old)
7 – TCU Standard 2 Can (Configure Custom Can RX)
8 – Haltech I/O Expander12(Box AB)
10- Holley EFI
14- Syvecs S7-I and S7Plus
18- Delta ECU
19- MaxxECU
20- Audi 5HP (B5,C5)
30- BMW 6HP Exx Series (E9X, E6X)
31- BMW E46, E39 X5(E53) X3(E83)
32- BMW FXX only selector Fseries
33- BMW E46, SMG
34- BMW E38 5HP (No TQ)
40- Nissan 350Z (READ ONLY)
42- Nissan 370Z (Read ONLY)
50- Mercedes CLS 55AMG 5-Gtronic, OEM Selector in can 2
51- Mercedes OM606, OEM Selector in can 2
60- Camaro SS, Silverado ECU E38
61- Trailblazer, Saab 97X ECU E37
80- Jeep Grand Cherokee 3

Communication with Stand Alone controllers:

-Ecumaster EMU & EMU BLACK & EMU PRO
-Motec M1
-Link G4X
-Holley EFI
-Delta ECU
-Syvecs S7-I and S7Plus

Controller It transmits and receives frames in its standard which can be used to establish communication with any device.

The TCU 2.0 Turbolamik is intended for motorsport use only and may not be used on public roads.
TCU Controller | Turbo Lamik | Transmission Control Unit
TCU Controller | Turbo Lamik | Transmission Control Unit Sale price17.990,00 NOK