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Toyota Supra mk4 8HP kit

15.590,00 NOK

A complete bolt in 8HP chassis kit for the JZA80 Supra. 


This kit fits the following transmission models:

  • BMW B48 8HP45/50
  • BMW N57 8HP70
  • BMW B57 8HP75
  • Dodge Hellcat 8HP90
  • BMW 8HP90 and 8HP95X

The top 3 requires minor trimming of transmission to fit.
The bigger 90 versions will require chassis modifications to fit.

The supplied billet output flange enables you to choose between a stock Supra turbo auto driveshaft, or a Custom driveshaft with 1350u-joint. Saving you money on your custom driveshaft, or gives you the possibility to upgrade on a later stage.

The 1350 solution is also great for owners that are converting the naturally aspirated Supra and dont have the turbo shaft avaliable. Our output flange comes with the correct pilot hole (for both supra and 1350) to perfectly centre your driveshaft.

The flywheels come with pressed heavy duty starter ring gear, so no need to use your old flex plate for the starter. We normally stock this kit at all times. If the kit is on backorder, lead time can be up to 2 weeks. Please send us an email to check avaliability before you order. Pictured tone ring is optional.


N57/B57/B48 kits is stocked at all times.

We stock upgrade packages for all of the above transmissions to support power levels up to 2000hp.

Please contact us for more information. 

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