Rear planetary gear mod for 8HP GTR kit

4.330,00 NOK

This is a modification of your rear planetary gear is required to run the 8HP GTR kit. 

You will need to remove the rear planetary gear from your 8HP transmission and send to us for modification.

Remove the clutch pack and teflon rings on the output shaft, and degrease it. 
Make sure you pack it well. (Max box size is 40x40x30cm/10kg)


Modification steps

  1. Inspection/measuring of planetary
  2. Turned down to correct size and lenght
  3. New splines made with EDM
  4. Hardening of splines
  5. Annealing of planetary axle in custom oven with cooling unit


Shipping service with DHL express is included.
We will send you a shipping label upon purchase.


Lead time will be 4 to 8 weeks.


The 8HP rear planetary gear modification must be purchased separatley at the time you have the planetary gear ready for shipping to us.

Please do not purchase this mod if you dont have it ready to ship within one week

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