HTG Tuning GCU

11.990,00 NOK

HTG Tuning GCU

One unit to rule them all…

Each HTG GCU has the same features.

There are no extra cost features.

The best transmission controller on the market. Beautifully CNC machined casing with top spec internals, and a great software!

  • Easy to connect to most ECUs with predefined Canbus
  • Easy connection with many supported BMW selectors
  • Clutch by wire capability
  • Can be run without selector (paddles only)
  • Base map for your transmission for an easy start.

GCU can control multiple types of transmissions including: DCT (BMW), DSG (VW), any Hydraulic with Torque Converter like 8HP, GTronic (MB), PDK (Porsche), and others.

HTG are continously working on adding more and more predefined transmissions with accurate base maps to increase ease of use!

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