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HPR GTR mechatronics cover

4.990,00 NOK

HPR GTR mechatronics cover

This cover was exclusively designed for our Nissan GTR DCT kit, and is now available for other conversions.

This cover can be coupled with a rear mount bulkhead connector and enables you to build a wiring kit thats 100% plug and play. 

The main connector needs to be removed from the mechatronics cover to fit, as its designed to clear the front propshaft in 4wd applications.

The cover is beautifully CNC machined in 6061 aluminium, anodized matte black.
Laser printed torque specs for easy installation.
Machined o-ring groove and for a leak proof installation.


  • HPR GTR mechatronics cover 2.0 (completely sealed  cover) 
  • HPR GTR mechatronics cover 3.0 (with pre-machined cavity) Includes Jam nut connector. 

Contact us if you are unsure what cover that will work for your application. 

Please note that this cover is larger than the stock cover at the rear top corner, and additional clearance may be needed for your application.

The cover is not suited for OEM installs.



Can be backordered. 

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