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GTR Superior DCT kit

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This is a complete parts kit for a conversion without transmission





As the true pioneers behind the world's first DCT kit into a Skyline GTR, we are proud to finally reveal the all new Superior DCT kit!

Years of extensive research and development have gone into making this kit. With well over 1500 hours in development alone we have pushed boundaries that we thought were not where possible back in 2020 when we released the first kit!

Every component in the kit has been meticulously chosen to provide a premium feel and an unparalleled, innovative driving experience


  • The the new Superior kit, no chassis modifications are required in order to install the kit into any of the Skyline GTR models.
  • The rotated version of the kit gives end users the option to run the transmission with OEM TCU and gateway control without the need to do any internal modifications to the transmissions wiring. 
  • Running the DCT with a gateway controller is a huge step forward for all DCT conversions as it does not require any complex setup or tuning, and you will be up and running with the new transmission in just a few hours. No aftermarket controller on the market per now will beat a gateway controller in simplicity and OEM driveability. We highly recommend the Cantcu gateway controller for DCT control.


This kit will get your Skyline GTR to the next level.
The tight ratios of the DCT will get your engine right in the sweet spot, and keep it there.

No more pushing the redline to get full power in next gear as you need with your long legged, 5 or 6 speed manual transmission.

The GTR Superior DCT kit retains the stock Attesa 4wd system in your Skyline, coupled up with a newer tech dual clutch transmission.
The 7 speed Getrag dual clutch transmission can be found in all  BMW F-series M2/M3/M4 models (S55 engine)

The gears in the DCT are extremely ridgid, and have been known to take well over 1500 Nm in rwd applications. The stock clutches hold power levels up to 1000 Nm.
We have upgrades in the web-shop for customers seeking more.

The kit has the same built length as the 6 speed Getrag found in the R34GTR, and even the stock propshafts can be used for R34GTR owners.
The R32 and R33 GTR owners can use the stock front propshaft with a spacer included in the kit,  and will need a custom one piece rear shaft. Alternatively, the front part of the R34GTR rear propshaft can be used for a OEM 2 piece propshaft solution with the kit.

Included in the kit

Complete HPR assembled billet DCT rear housing

  • One piece billet rear housing made of 6061 Aluminum
  • VAR output shaft with rolled splines and 2 step hardening
  • New high speed bearing 
  • Various top secret internal cnc parts
  • SS oil fill plug
  • Bolt kit for billet housing to DCT
  • Bolt kit for GTR transfer 
  • 60A rubber mount kit with brackets and hardware

GTR transfer parts

  • Shifter cover
  • Plug to seal shifter rod
  • Billet oil pump cover made of 7075 Aluminum
  • Seals/lockrings and hardware included

Front adapter/side cover/crossmember

  • Billet mechatronics cover for rotated or straight kit
  • Engine adapter plate with integrated dust shield
  • High speed balanced dampened flywheel with starter ring gear

(with your choice of damper ratings)

  • One-piece billet crossmember kit
  • Spacer kit for front and rear crossmember
  • All bolts and hardware included

Included options for propshafts

  • Spacer kit for R32 and R33 front propshaft
  • Spacer kit for R34 GTR rear propshaft

Included options for oil pan

  • Billet oil pan kit for tilted version
  • Billet oil pan for straight version


Please note:
"This product is a custom order with our supplier and cannot be refunded."

R32/33 GTR transfer case needs to be used with this kit
For customers supplying their own transmission for the conversion, you need to send in the rear section of the transmission for assembly.

Do you need any help with what you need fore a complete running kit?
Drop us an email and we will help you out.

Do you have another interesting engine to run this kit with? 

We can get you a complete kit for the 2JZ engine, Barra, YB, SR20, VQ37, K-series or LS series to mention a few.

Drop us an email with your requirements and we will help you out.

GTR Superior DCT kit
GTR Superior DCT kit Sale price54.990,00 NOK