Exhaust speed sensor bracket

300,00 NOK

The HPR exhaust speed sensor bracket is designed to fit all revisions of the HPR rear mount kits, both for 8HP and DCT.

A great and easy solution for adding an external speed sensor or a exhaust hanger.

CNC laser cut out of 2,5mm stainless steel makes it a solid fixing point. 

Exhaust mounting

  • Dual slotted holes for M8 bolts 
  • Left and right position installation possible
  • Fits most OEM Nissan 2 bolt hangers
  • Fits Febi Bilstein PN 103226 for universal applications
  • Tube style hanger can be welded to the bracket.

Speed sensor 

  • 13mm slotted hole to allow for accurate positioning of sensor
  • Accept most threaded speed sensors with 12mm, 1/2" or 15/32" thread
  • Cherry hall effect sensors, etc 



Rear transmission mount not included, only for illustration purposes

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