Unicardan Olso

Custom driveshaft conversion for any vehicle+custom option

12.000,00 NOK

Get yourself a custom drive-shaft from Unicardan in Norway!

They build great quality  shafts, and they stock a large amount of adapters for almost any application. 

Turnaround is usually 3-5 working days.

You get a one-piece 3" chromoly driveshaft with 1350 joints, slip yoke and adapters in both ends for your car. This axle can easily take 1400nm of torque

If you have purchased our complete DCT kit or the 1350 output flange, the axle will be 1500 nok less.

This is the most popular choice for enthusiasts. Beware that there will be increased NVH with a one-piece shaft.

We can also get two piece drive shafts:

They have one version for power levels up to 550hp, and one version with 1350 joints for power levels up to 1200hp. Depending on vehicle, your center support mounts might need modification with the 1200hp version.

Please confirm fitment for your application with us prior to purchase.

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