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BMW E30 DCT vehicle kit

SKU: HPR-VKIT_7-DCT-N54/S55-860-RB
Sale price20.990,00 NOK
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Transform your driving experience with our cutting-edge DCT kit designed for your vehicle. This DCT not only enhances your car's performance but also maintains the authentic "manual" feel, ensuring a genuinely engaging driving experience.

Whether you're enjoying dynamic road adventures or unleashing the full potential on the track, our DCT kit strikes the perfect balance, delivering rapid 50-millisecond shift changes and a carefully optimized gear ratio. This combination ensures you stay within the ideal torque and power range, offering a seamless blend of performance and everyday driving.

What sets our HPR vehicle kits apart is the inclusion of high-speed balanced dampened flywheels, precisely tuned to match your engine torque. This not only boosts longevity but also elevates overall performance.

Crafted with precision and utilizing top-tier materials, our kit is superior to its competitors, providing exceptional value for your investment.

To minimize the need for clearance in your transmission tunnel , we recommend pairing this kit with a transmission from the BMW F8XX M2/M3/M4 (S55 engine), adding a touch of automotive excellence to your driving experience.

Included in the kit

  • HPR rear transmission mount kit
  • HPR Billet Aluminium Transmission crossmember kit
  • HPR output flange
  • Transmission to engine adapter plate (7075)
  • Balanced flywheel with integrated ring gear
  • Your choice of torsional damper for flywheel
  • 2x bobbin transmission mounts 60A 
  • Bolts and hardware included

Please note this before you buy:

  • Flywheel and adapter plate are made on order due to all variations possible. (Close to 100 variants on this kit alone) 10-15 working days lead time. All other parts of the kit are in stock.

  • Minor modifications of chassis tunnel and transmission webbing is required in most cases. Using custom engine mounts for engine swaps may be needed for a direct installation of the kit.
    Larger V8 bellhousings may require cutting and welding in order to fit into a small transmission tunnel

  • We also offer this kit for LS, Barra, VR38, VQ35 and S85 engines.
    Please contact us for more info and pricing.


Please note:
"This product is a custom order with our supplier and cannot be refunded."

BMW E30 DCT vehicle kit
BMW E30 DCT vehicle kit Sale price20.990,00 NOK