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8HP Skyline GTR kit

Sale price28.990,00 NOK
Transmission model:
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8HP70/75 and 8HP90/95 conversion kit for the Skyline GTR chassis


A complete bolt in transmission chassis kit for the R32, R33 and R34 GTR models. 

This kit retains the factory Nissan Attesa AWD system by the use of a transfer from an R32, R33, GTR, GTS-4 or Stagea transfercase. 

We also have plans on releasing a version of this kit with the Infinity Intelligent awd system. Please contact us for more info.

8HP70/75 kits will be a bolt in kit similar to our DCT kit. 
Thi kit is based on the use of a BMW 8HP70X transmission found in all N57 equipped awd cars from 2013-2017.  This kit will only require minor tunnel clearancing
Make sure to check out the video in the description for more info about transmssion you need to source for the kit. 

In stock form the 8HP70/75 models are known of being capable of torque levels up to 800Nm/600lbs. They can even be built to take up to 1600HP and 1600Nm torque!

Please have a look at our build packages for more info.

8HP90/95 kits is based on the BMW N74 engine. Note that this conversion will require more chassis modifications, and are aimed at the serious users aiming for 1200+ Nm torque from a bone stock transmission.

We have low mileage, used transmissions in stock for the conversion-kit

Contact us on for pricing and more info.


The kit contains

  • RB to 8HP adapterkit CNC machined of aircraft grade 7075 Aluminium
  • Adapter to stock converter including new starter-ring gear
  • 8HP Breather mod kit
  • 3 piece billet crossmember kit with 60A mounts
  • Rear adapter kit
  • Billet 7075 oil pump cover kit for GTR transfer
  • Shift selector blockout
  • Shifter cover for transfer
  • 8HP billet oil pan kit to suit GTR kit 
    (needed for crossmember clearance)
  • Seal kit for transmission 
  • Re-usable bolt kit w seals for front cover.
  • All o-rings seals and installation hardware included in the kit
  • Printed installation instructions.



Due to the complexity of this conversion, we reccomend most customers to purchase a complete 8HP to GTR package.


The rear planetary gear needs to be removed from the transmission and be sent in to us for modification. We reccommend using a transmission specialist for the work. 

Remove the clutch pack and teflon rings on the output shaft, and make sure there is no oil residue. (do not degrease it due to potential rust problems) 
Make sure you pack it well. (Max box size is 40x40x30cm/10kg)

You will recieve a modified planetary gear with the correct splines to suit your Nissan GTR transfer (exchange basis).

The modification is done in house at HPR.
Turnaround time can be up to 3 weeks if not in stock. 


 Other things to note

  • R34 GTR transfercase will not work with this kit
  • Front propshaft needs to be extended
  • Rear propshaft needs to be shortened for R32 and R33 chassis
  • Minor chassis clearancing needed for 70/75 versions
  • Tunnel clearancing for 95X version is yet to be confirmed



As with our DCT kit, the 8HP AWD versions can also be suited to fit 2JZ, YB, LS, VQ/VR engines as well.

Any chassis combination is possible.

Contact us for more information.

8HP Skyline GTR kit
8HP Skyline GTR kit Sale price28.990,00 NOK