Plex Tuning uSDM 100/102Pro

4.890,00 NOK

This unit is our number one pick for a gear indicator in street cars.
Don't let the compact and stealth appearance fool you, it is one extremely capable dash unit with tons of features.

The 102 Pro unit has logging capabilities and several external inputs in addition to Can. These inputs can be used for extra external sensors like exhaust temp, oil temp or pressure input. 
-Great if you are lacking inputs with your current ecu setup.


Feature-packed Micro Dash Displays
fully configurable | smart | affordable | top quality

Small in size, big in performance, our 2.4” High-Contrast OLED Micro Dash Display is suitable for most after-market ECUs and for OBDII (ISO15765). Being fully configurable (custom CAN BUS), the PLEX uSDM® comes with most of the functionality and the overall quality found on our larger SDM Dash Displays. It works both vertically and horizontally and is the right product for quality driven customers who are constrained on size or budget, but who also demand versatility and customisation.


2.4'' High-Contrast OLED Display

High-contrast vivid and low-distraction graphics. Auto display dimming & anti-reflective coating. Effective viewing ergonomics.

Smart Alarms / Warnings

Easy to setup pre-loaded alarms with history of
the last 100 kept in memory with time, duration & value

Permanent Engine Log

Continuous independent log of key engine parameters such as RPM , MAP, ECT, OILT, FUELT, EGT1, EGT2 and min. BATV, which are displayed in histograms.

Ultra-fast Refresh Rate

The 20Hz display refresh rate ensures a smooth real-time experience with zero lag in value updates.

Fully Configurable

Fast CAN BUS receive & transmit configuration, custom page layouts and multi-use inputs let you configure the display according to your own terms

Intuitive PC Software

Advanced yet easy and quick to use configuration SW. Full CAN BUS configuration, Math Channels (μSDM-102),  Engine Log Review & free Updates.

Automatic Page Changing

Hands-free display page changing based on user-defined conditions like engine load to help you keep your attention focused on the track

Up to 128 Data Channels

Display up to 128 data / flag channels: ECU, OBDII, sensors and internally calculated. View what’s crucial & act when necessary.

Motorsport Specifications

High-quality anodised CNC aluminium body
and military spec wiring (Tyco Spec44) ensure a rigorous and long-term use.

We are a plex tuning dealer, and can get you anything from their product range. Contact us for more information.



  • Can be installed both on the side and upright

  • Up to 16 user configurable pages

  • CNC machined casing

  • Advanced alarm setups with flashing screen.

  • Easy setup and connection with can

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