Plex Tuning SDM 500

11.690,00 NOK


Powerful 4.3” Display & Logger with optional GPS
fully configurable | smart features | compact Size

SDM-500® is our most advanced 4.3” display logger which is also available with a built-in 20Hz GPS/Performance Meter. It has fully configurable CAN BUS, preloaded Smart Alarms, Auto-display Page Changing, a permanent Engine Log, 1-click Min/Max values function and the capacity to display up to 256 different ECU parameters. The 256MB internal datalogger lets users record up to 7.5hours and review the logged files also on the device. Comes with a 4D wired joystick and is compatible with most after-market ECUs and with OBDII.

We are a plex tuning dealer, and can get you anything from their product range. Contact us for more information.

Turnaround is usually 5-10 days.

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