designed and engineered by hpr

HPR ultraflex DCT transmission mount

2.490,00 NOK

This mount offers great flexibility, and make it easy to make a custom transmission crossmember.

You can use any bobbin style mount you want with it.

  • HPR ultra flex transmission mount, cnc cut in billet aluminium and powder coated.
  • 2x HPR cnc milled angle mounts in billet aluminium (powder coated)
  • Can be adjusted to 20deg left/right (stock bmw) or straight down.
    (Just install the dowel pin for the correct hole for orientation)
  • 2x cnc machined spacers 25mm adjustment front/aft Up to 45mm up/down adjustment
  • Accepts both M8 and M10 bobbin mounts Comes with rubber mounts to suit your need.
  • All hardware included.


We can design and make you a custom crossmember based on your measurements. Price for a CNC cut crossmember in 7075 (aircraft aluminium) Powder coated, ranges from 249-299euro

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