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HPR DCT wiring kit

7.629,00 NOK

HPR DCT wiring kit

Our GS7 harness are setting a new standard for the industry.

The harness uses Spec 55 wires with machine twist method as used in F1 motorsport. Kevlar laced, wrapped in Raychem DR-25, with Motorsport connector.

The cable is made in the same machine as Shubhauer F1 and other high-end motorsport fabricators uses.


The kit runs two separate cables from the GCU to the transmission.

One for sensors, and one for solenoids.

This is space saving in a tight trans tunnel, and its alot easier to route around exactly where you want it to be.

But most importantly you minimize the risk of EMI. Running vulnerable sensor wires together with the noisy PWM wires to the solenoids is not a technically good solution, and that is why we separate these all the way to the transmission.

Our wiring harness includes an extra 2 Pin DTM or Yazaki connector integrated in the loom with a matching pigtail. 

This connector can be used for a reverse light output, a temp sensor, or an external speed sensor and can easily be integrated inside the car.

The Yazaki connector option is a plug and play reverse light output for most Nissan models.


Comes complete with Domiworks PCB for a clean install.


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